Trends in social media story telling

Trends in social media story telling

Trends in social media story telling

# About Connections & the need of storytelling

  1. We are all connected
  2. Some of us are more connected (They are called the influencers)
  3. We are connected across shared passions.
  4. Connections should lead to conversations
  5. Conversations lead to community
  6. Stories act as glue between people

 # Trends in Story Telling

  1. Short Attention Spans
    –> No whitepapers / But prefer Infographics
  2. Narrow Interest Graphics
    –> We filter out the noise
  3. We want to discover solution to our problems (Serendipity). Discover something new.
  4. Community Creation
  5. Remix context, make the content share worthy and shareable to make it viral
  6. Emergent Storylines:
    –> People are curating their own Facebook or Twitter
    –> We are Creating Stories every day.

# Types of Stories:

Social Media Stories have to be powerful. They have to address a bigger problem.
The “Why?” story – shows the PURPOSE
The “What? story – shows the CHANGE
The “How?” story – shows the JOURNEY

Thanks to:
Mr Gaurav – MSL

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