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Trends in social media story telling

Trends in social media story telling # About Connections & the need of storytelling We are all connected Some of us are more connected (They are called the influencers) We are connected across shared passions. Connections should lead to conversations Conversations lead to community Stories act as glue between people  # Trends in Story Telling Short Attention Spans --> No whitepapers / But prefer Infographics Narrow Interest Graphics --> We filter out the noise We want to discover solution to our problems (Serendipity). [...]

Management lessons from accomplished business leaders

Indigo Airlines, VP- Aditya Gosh (NASSCOM #EmergeOut Conference) Aditya was in J.Sagar Associates before joining Indigo Airlines Indigo Airlines has 6000 Employees He ordered 100 Plane on starting Indigo, it was one of the biggest order ever. Marketing : Was bagged by the biggest advertising budget in the airlines industry It takes 1000 small ideas and innovations to emerge out as a success in the long run. An example of small but effective innovation done by Indigo : 180 [...]

10 eCommerce Contest Ideas

10 eCommerce Contest Ideas Shop between 9am to 3pm and win prize. Shop for the highest amount in a day and win prize. Be the first shopper of the day and win. Answer a contest / Quiz Examples: Share your artistic way of using these limited edition "Yagna spoons” in your house Share any of your artistic creation and win Join our Facebook groups and become eligible for a chance to win a free makeover of your home. Also, [...]

Content Ideas for eCommerce Site

Content Ideas for eCommerce Site We take the reference of a client site - for this article. is an offline and online retailer of Unique Decor and Furniture. We also specialize in Vintage furniture. Story of staff and the people who make up the brand. Art ideas for kids. Use of art in featured homes. Adapt headlines from publications such as cosmopolitan; Readers digest come up with headlines.

10 Newsletter Ideas your eCommerce Store

10 Newsletter Ideas your ecommerce Store We take the reference of a client site - for this article. is an offline and online retailer of Unique Decor and Furniture. They also specialize in Vintage furniture. Monthly Magazine  covering the best Interior design projects Art and Home Decor News  New Product Launches Arts Events in your city Blog Articles Contest of the Month News from Prepare for the Festivals Celebration this month Art From across the world

JewelsCraze Case Study

We were recently approached by a reputed Jewelry wholesaler based out Rajasthan, India. They had their website in Prestacart but it was not giving any results to them. They wanted to find out the reason about such a performance. We carefully understood their requirements and their future expectations from the site and asked them about a week to deeply review their site. After our detailed review we have the following observations: 1. The website is not secured. Google will absolutely stop showing [...]

When Magento? & When WordPress?

Magento - Wordpress are some words which you hear a lot when you are planning to set up a new website for your business. What are these and where are there strengths? Let find out. Magento Magento is an Open Source (code is open for all to see, review, improve and implement) e-commerce solution. It is very extensive and can be quite complex at times. A typical new Magento installation has about 300 to 400 tables in its database. It is [...]

How to do a Color Palette Selection for your app?

Adobe Color CC You can use tools such as the Adobe Color Palette tool, which crowd sources and gives you the most popular palettes in a given month or year. It also gives you a cool way to edit them.   Do try out this tool at : Have an idea, which you want to get developed? MyShopIQ has helped a number of startups, design and develop their app. We would love to hear more from you. Call us or visit  

Investor Yatra Organised by Amit

5-July-13 Ambrish Murthy, Knowlarity ( Knowlarity had raised $ 8.5 mn till this date. Typical Startup Journey Time 1 yr 2 yr 3 yr 5 yr Stage Seed Angel Series A Series B Series C Amount $ 200 K $ 1 M $ 4 M $ 10 M $ 20 M Required Team Prototype Virality Product Product Market Fit Revenue Profits Rate of Failure 1/10 1/10 1/10 1/5 1/2 P Remember this along your journey: “How do we together make loads of money, without risk” Met the following in this Yatra: Abhishekh, ex-GM, Lime Labs, Founder T-Labs, BHU Arpit - Founder TLabs, MBA IIT Bombay, Headstart Pankaj Jain - ex-Tlabs, now 500 startups “ It’s very important to [...]