Magento vs Shopify : Positive Comparisons

Magento -> Most popular, widely used by big players Positives: used by big businesses. Mobile e-commerce friendly. Very powerful and flexible. Wide community support. Good for bigger e-commerce site. Easy site tools and management. Shopify -> One can set up an e-com solution in 5 minutes. Positives: Easy to use. No programming required. Supports all type of payment gateways. Fast. Low costs. Safe and secure. Quick setup. It helps to learn while growing.

Big foot retail : Opencart

How did I select a Shopping cart vendor in 2012? In January 2012, I had quit my job at the hedge fund Brahma Management and retured back to my home town in Jodhpur. This is when I started working on setting up an ecommerce website for my first startup Artlivo . It was challenging as I was learning everything from scratch and the industry itself was undergoing very fast change. Hence, to choose the best option I took a very extensive [...]

Designing a mobile app

The comeback of Mobile Web

Shaky Beginning Not long ago, there was a time when the social media behemoth - Facebook was looking to enact its mobile strategy. The choices in front of it were implementing a Responsive Mobile Website (Progressive Web App or PWA) or native mobile apps for mainly Android and IOS. It decided that having a common PWA for different platforms had numerous advantages like; uniform functionality across different mobile platforms, easy maintenance and updation of the code, great control over the [...]