When Magento? & When WordPress?

Magento - Wordpress are some words which you hear a lot when you are planning to set up a new website for your business. What are these and where are there strengths? Let find out. Magento Magento is an Open Source (code is open for all to see, review, improve and implement) e-commerce solution. It is very extensive and can be quite complex at times. A typical new Magento installation has about 300 to 400 tables in its database. It is [...]

How to do a Color Palette Selection for your app?

Adobe Color CC You can use tools such as the Adobe Color Palette tool, which crowd sources and gives you the most popular palettes in a given month or year. It also gives you a cool way to edit them.   Do try out this tool at : Have an idea, which you want to get developed? MyShopIQ has helped a number of startups, design and develop their app. We would love to hear more from you. Call us or visit  

Investor Yatra Organised by Amit

5-July-13 Ambrish Murthy, Knowlarity ( Knowlarity had raised $ 8.5 mn till this date. Typical Startup Journey Time 1 yr 2 yr 3 yr 5 yr Stage Seed Angel Series A Series B Series C Amount $ 200 K $ 1 M $ 4 M $ 10 M $ 20 M Required Team Prototype Virality Product Product Market Fit Revenue Profits Rate of Failure 1/10 1/10 1/10 1/5 1/2 P Remember this along your journey: “How do we together make loads of money, without risk” Met the following in this Yatra: Abhishekh, ex-GM, Lime Labs, Founder T-Labs, BHU Arpit - Founder TLabs, MBA IIT Bombay, Headstart Pankaj Jain - ex-Tlabs, now 500 startups “ It’s very important to [...]

Designing a mobile app

The comeback of Mobile Web

Shaky Beginning Not long ago, there was a time when the social media behemoth - Facebook was looking to enact its mobile strategy. The choices in front of it were implementing a Responsive Mobile Website (Progressive Web App or PWA) or native mobile apps for mainly Android and IOS. It decided that having a common PWA for different platforms had numerous advantages like; uniform functionality across different mobile platforms, easy maintenance and updation of the code, great control over the [...]