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Management lessons from accomplished business leaders

Indigo Airlines, VP- Aditya Gosh (NASSCOM #EmergeOut Conference) Aditya was in J.Sagar Associates before joining Indigo Airlines Indigo Airlines has 6000 Employees He ordered 100 Plane on starting Indigo, it was one of the biggest order ever. Marketing : Was bagged by the biggest advertising budget in the airlines industry It takes 1000 small ideas and innovations to emerge out as a success in the long run. An example of small but effective innovation done by Indigo : 180 [...]

Magento vs Shopify : Positive Comparisons

Magento -> Most popular, widely used by big players Positives: used by big businesses. Mobile e-commerce friendly. Very powerful and flexible. Wide community support. Good for bigger e-commerce site. Easy site tools and management. Shopify -> One can set up an e-com solution in 5 minutes. Positives: Easy to use. No programming required. Supports all type of payment gateways. Fast. Low costs. Safe and secure. Quick setup. It helps to learn while growing.